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Why The Close Ones Stop Us From Our Way

There are many reasons and sometimes we are astonished to find that just those close to us, instead of giving us support, they stop us from doing what we have proposed.

If you are still the kind of person that has expectations from people, you need to better understand the subject because it will affect you emotionally.

People will associate what you do with personal life experiences and if they have encountered problems that have failed to overcome them, they will think you will be the same situation.

Probably, the more loves you, the more they will argue that it is wrong what you want to do. Others will stop you from envy. The fights family hierarchy is a real subject. If they have failed, why do you succeed?

Another reason is the fear of change, they are so caught up in their way of life that any major change scares them and they can not realize otherwise.

No matter how you are stopped, you have to face both personal and family attempts. The better you understand the reason, the easier it goes over the situation and keeps going in your way.

You can’t allow others even to those in the family to transfer their fears or to burden yourself with the reasons why they have failed. Moreover, you must be better than those who will envy you.

Be the model from which to learn that there is goodness in the world and if they can’t see and appreciate it, it is not your problem even if it hurts.

Family problems seem different because either we choose to overlook them, or we deal with them with much passion and give rise to long-lasting conflicts.

If we treat them as any problem outside the family, rationally; with calm; with simple arguments and solutions, and of course with love, I’m sure the results will be different and will encourage you to learn more about how to do it better and faster.

One of the best things you can do is get around people the same or better than you. You have nothing to learn from those who pull you down or keep you on the spot.

Find a group or community that encourages each other and find the power to keep your balance; motivation to continue what you started and inspiration to succeed.

Another solution is that when you want to start something new, you must be more concerned about the information that needs to be accumulated, and avoid the family discussions about what you want to do.

Delay as much as possible to announce and if you do, do not get excited because the way you announce maybe contributes to the reaction of others.

If you take the time to learn everything you want to do, you will have solid arguments that when the discussions begin, others can understand it better. If you add seriousness to the explanations to reinforce what has been said, the better for you.

The need to protect loved ones especially when they go from failure to failure without learning anything is a natural thing. In order to solve such situations more simply, it requires a lot of love in expression and diplomacy.

We often choose the direct way of communicating with the family and omit the fact that we often impose our own ideas or wishes. Sometimes it even happens to prohibit something to prevent as much as possible another failure.

If we try to understand the reasons why we are stopped in our new path, surely this situation can be resolved and anyway, a single discussion will not solve the problem, so surely others will follow that can affect you emotionally.

Someone who has never had the support of family or friends will appreciate the moment when they will find support and understanding.

And if for this you have to find another circle of friends, then why not. We are not moving away from family or old friends, but just using the new circle as co-workers who have the same desire to do something and of course the conviction that they will succeed.

Using this medium for support, we avoid family discussions that create tension and misunderstanding.

As a final conclusion, if the close ones stop us from our path, a good choice is a specially created environment for support and acceptance of the idea that any environment is useful in its own way or for something, and not for everything.

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