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Setting goals

Why is setting goals so important?

Setting goals makes the difference between a desire and a work plan. Whether it is annual, for 6 months or just a month, setting one or more goals means action.

What to keep in mind when setting a goal to be done:
To be realistic
To be planned
To be organized
To be understood
To want at least 70%

Success is not accidental and in most cases, much work is done to achieve the goals. If you want something, the next 5 steps must be carried out regardless of the set time or the number of wishes.

Set a realistic goal.

Why is it important to set a real purpose?
To be reached.
If you intend to win a large amount of money (for example $ 1 million) but you never won 10% of this amount, it will be an unattainable goal.

Every success comes in stages and each stage is really to be achieved.

If your goal is to lose weight, go to the gym, eat healthily, give up bad habits, or whatever, you have to work in achievable steps to be accomplished.

Most failures happen because the goals are too high for the condition from which they start to fulfillment and this difference does not help the mental state to accept the effort.

Accepting the stages is simpler than setting a goal too big. If you want to lose 40 kg in a year, but you never do anything to lose weight, chances are high then you to fail.

Achieving a high goal in several stages can be a realistic solution by dividing 10 kg to lose every three months. The same can be done with other goals.

Action planning.

Planning can be done daily, monthly or annually if the period is 5 or 10 years. You should never underestimate what you can achieve over large periods especially when you are determined to radically transform your life.

You always have to plan everything in small steps at first for acceptance and success. If a plan works, you must keep it and if you feel the need to take bigger steps, you must be aware that the effort you made does not adversely affect and force you to give up.

If you never planned anything, do not set many goals. The purpose of a plan is for it to be fulfilled and there will always be challenges or distractions. So you have to leave space for more in your life.

Remember that the purpose of the list is to guide you and show you the progress you have made.

Be organized.

Organizing a day or a longer period of time must not happen just at the workplace or around a festive event.

True, it’s a headache to organize everything in detail to be perfect. But perfection does not exist, mistakes must be accepted to learn from them and in time you will find it useful to make time for whatever you want.

If you are not the type or you have not given great importance to the organization, you should start with small and simple things. You can learn everything steps by step by creating a useful habit in your life.

Most plans are a failure due to a lack of time and unforeseen things that require even more time. An unorganized plan is almost impossible especially for large periods of time.

Understand what’s going on.

Awareness of everything that happens in your life helps you accept reality, adapt when the situation changes and make the right decisions.

When setting priorities and writing down the list of goals, you need to understand correctly what is going on with you, what you want, what you can do to improve your life, what you need to learn, etc.

When you understand things in your life, you can find the harmony of a balanced life in all aspects.

You can write a realistic list even for a whole year and then establish action plans for each objective.

What you really want.

Always choose the things you want for yourself and your family, for your education, for your business. You must put your personal needs and desires in the foreground.

If not have at least 70% motivation and desire for something, it is not worth getting on the list.

When you look at that list, you need to feel the positive energy that needs to start a day with strength.

When you reach a goal you must feel the success and celebrate it.
All of these simple things will keep you on the path that chooses and turn into the person you need to be.

The fear of change will disappear because you will focus on achieving the goals and not have to think about negative things anymore.


Tony Robbins

Any small thing done daily for us will contribute to the future and the qualitative leap of life from year to year will reflect our efforts and don’t forget to read some books.

Retrieved and edited article from personal blog.

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