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When People Behave Wrong

Sometimes we are tempted to label the people we meet. Maybe to win time, perhaps we recognize a category, or we have expectations because of the profession it has.

In doing so, we are surprised and we are forced to give time to understand what kind of person I have met because many people are not what they seem.

If they have the profession of psychologists, we expect these people to be professionally trained to help, understand and be more open than the rest. Well, be prepared for anything like when you meet a stranger.

During this period I want to specialize in a field that is related to psychologists. Of course, I started by getting in touch with them through friendly discussions. You probably expect to be easy to approach and talk to those who want to help with their profession.

Wrong. They have a huge ego; a higher attitude; they hurry to draw conclusions without understanding what’s going on. When they finally know that I don’t need specialized help, is change the attitude, kindness disappears, become restrained, even suspicious. Not only is it misconduct in their profession, but most people do not even adopt such aggressive defensive behavior.

It makes me think that if they do not discuss with potential customers, these people do not know how to socialize, to relate normally to the rest of the world.

This is just the beginning, if I were to refer to other professional categories, we can easily discover about which direction the evil comes from. However, we have demanded from simple people, with modest education and not socialization, until ten years ago, to behave normal.

Of those who live their lives only in the online environment, they have their own world. There is no need to understand or be part of it.

As a child, I used to wonder why people give up their emotions and give birth to major conflicts. Well, people don’t really care about the consequences of their own actions and focus more on the mistakes of others, because it’s easier to criticize.

Sometimes a small part of them even positions themselves in the camp of specialized critics to provide light to those who still keep a trace of humanity.

Today, children are used to promoting campaigns about what needs to be done to save the planet, and more and more people are falling prey to this madness.
At the same time, they are horrified at the idea that a virus can destroy their lives and they can do nothing to save themselves.

Until realize that they have only one life, that they have to educate themselves, to have a scale of values, to value what really matters, we will live in a world of madness controlled by those who rightly benefit from it. of this civilization that forgets its own instincts.

It is time for a major reflection on how we should live our lives and how to live with those who choose to be part of useless campaigns.

People always want to be part of a particular group or to belong to a community. so I cannot be accused of wanting to divide the world into different categories.
If we still make choices, at least they are conscious and assumed choices for personal responsibility.

Normality is gone. We can no longer make claims about how we are treated or how we are not treated by others.

All we can do is take more care of our own mental health and surround ourselves with positive people who are determined to succeed in their choices and make life as beautiful as possible.

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