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Turn passion into a job or business

No matter what passion you have: music; painting; photos; video games; movies, everything starts with the idea itself. We almost don’t remember over the years how that idea determines us to want so much to be part of our lives. From pleasure to passion is a long way, it takes years and must be an active part of our lives. You can’t say that you are passionate about sports only if you watch sports on TV. In this case, you are passionate about TV or even more passionate about sports broadcasts.

My first passion was born around the age of five. It has been proved in the 36 years that it is the biggest of the many passions I have. Almost everything I liked has turned into a passion. Of course, passions can die, if are not fed, will return to just “I like” form and eventually disappear from our lives. When we like something more than the rest of the activities, that may be a sign that we need to get involved. Always passions lead us into life, so it is important to be mindful of what we like. If we have a full life, we will ignore what we like to do under the pretext that we have time. Very wrong. What we not do on the right time, will never do.

There are people who can be lucky because they work in the field that they like or are passionate about: singers; actors; athletes are just a few examples. When we are young, we have more free time and so we can explore all sorts of activities, can manage more easily, so we have the inclination to do that, others even though we like a lot, we don’t really get enough involved much and we probably put them down or abandon them.

Till the age of 27, we have the chance to try everything. After this age, we already have the maturity to make future choices and very little time to experience new ones. Although generations are changing and bringing with them new ideas, it seems that we will be linked to our experiences, and most of the times we find the activities of young people seem bizarre.

If you are young and your studies or job is different from what you like, you can opt for a dual activity like a part-time job. So you can do what you like and charge your batteries with constructive activity. If, however, what you like requires a native talent and you do not have it, you can still try something that has a direct connection and can be close to the activity you like. Regardless of the activities, they all have developed to help their good progress. Image or tour operators; maintenance team; equipment manufacturers and others. Of course, you need more time and more to learn, but you can live your life on the way you like it and enjoy it.

If you exceeded the age of 27, more involvement on your part is required. You have been postponed and you have been apologizing not to do what you like, the choices you have will make you sad. It takes courage and motivation. Look for that motivation and find that courage, the first step is the hardest. Once you have started on this path, everything will come by itself, you will awaken in you a force that you do not think you are capable of. Everything because what we like turns into passion and passion leads us in life. There is no need to force ourselves, to lie and to lose ourselves to do what we do not like.

No matter what you like, you need to become active. I know it’s sometimes difficult, you probably think you’re going to be wrong, maybe you’re not good enough to do that. What matters? You already do something you do not like and I’m sure you are not perfect. Nobody is perfect even if we all want it. We can only become better in what we do, but for this, we have to do it, be active no matter if we give up a little time. Step by step you will discover that pleasure and how that pleasure will awaken to life.

What forgets most of the people who are walk in the wrong direction is that happiness is our ideal and to be happy we must do what we like. If you expect to be happy with a job you do not like, you are on the wrong track. I personally did not hear anyone talk with pleasure about his job if he hates and how it brings him happiness. It is inconsistent with logic and yet most forget that we are compelled for us to be happy.

With Internet access, it is much easier to research all the information about your passion and by accumulating the information you can work or start your own business. Of course, to start a business you need to learn at least the basics that will introduce you to the business environment. Even if you can finance the new business, you need to know what to ask your employees.

To start an online business, where you can promote your passion, you need a website. To hire an agency you need to know what to ask for and what to expect for the money you pay without having the feeling that you paid too much or were cheated.
Within this project, MasterMind FreeForever, you can find articles that will teach you the basics of what you need for a new business, and even free courses. You do not need to become an expert online but you must know the right path and tools to ensure your success and peace of mind. Give yourself some time to research, read some books, learn how to start, do the first step. I promise you, it will change your life.

Retrieved and edited article from personal blog.