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the power of brain

The power of brain

The first step in training and increasing the power of brain is awareness. Awareness must become part of your life so that you can process information, knowledge, and emotions to use your brain as much as possible. It is a long process similar to training the muscles.

At first, you get used to the workout environment, use light weights and rhythmic movements that force your muscles to work.

After the first workouts, you are aware of the effort without feeling the benefits of the workouts. True awareness only starts when you notice the usefulness of the workouts and you can move more easily.

Being aware that you can do things easier activates the confidence and the desire to do things you have not done before.

The brain is a muscle that requires different training to stimulate creative ability but without awareness and monitoring, it will be a process that can only become a routine.

Accumulating information will still be a thing to do without increasing your intellectual capacity and the benefits you can have.

If you start reading a book without being aware of the learning process, you will not know what information to look for, you will not identify the new information and you will not be tempted to use logic to memorize the information useful to you.

You need training and this training will introduce you to the process of opportunities of all kinds. The ability to access the information memory and add it to the conversation without the usual introduction “I read in theĀ book.”

When you use this introduction, you want those around you to notice that you like to read and inform yourself so that they can accept you in the conversation.

If you are aware of the brain training process, your desire will change to contribute to the discussion with the accumulated information and thus become a direct part of the conversation without having to accept the group.

This is just the beginning and the utility of the use will extend day by day in all activities.

The real benefits will be noticed by both you and the others only after a few months of training, just like training your muscles in the gym.

If you continue to work day after day, year after year, the awareness process will help you easily see things you don’t pay attention to. You will be able to analyze and understand information quickly. You will be able to control what affects you and what does not. You will be able to balance and make conscious and complex choices. You can develop a set of personal values that define you.

The human brain is incredibly powerful and perfectly capable even from an early age to accumulate information and create on their basis stimulating the imagination. Regardless of age, the brain will always be able to do these things, but as you get older, the start process will be more difficult and time-consuming. But not impossible.

Not all people use logic in analyzing the information they receive and thus use the brain in such a way as to develop a topic or to know if it can help.

Not paying attention to things or information, we will operate on autopilot, and the unconscious will make instinctive decisions for us that can create emotional reactions that we not understand.

No one can be perfectly aware of everything that happens to them, but with daily training, becoming part of our lives, you can live and understand life on a higher level and thus have the opportunity to do incredible things for yourself and others.

Awareness is part of personal development and with the help of self-education, you can help yourself to improve your qualities.

It’s the only way that can really help you. What you learn from books is limited by the effort and time we give. But creativity and imagination are unlimited and can be used daily to our advantage.

Because we are unique as individuals, understanding our self must be zero priority. Only in this way can we be useful to others when they need to.

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