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smart goals

Setting Smart Goals

Setting smart goals means more than regular planning, which often is just a wish list or a to-do list. Simple goal setting is not easy to do especially if you do not get used to working planned but smart goals are the next level, the way you decide you have to work professionally.

What means Smart Goals?

The SMART goals acronym itself outlines its strategy for reaching any objective. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and anchored within a Time Frame. The SMART goal strategy saves you the wasted time of not knowing precisely what you want or how to get it.

So when you decide to work professionally, you need to detail each goal to know how it can be achieved. This strategy is not used by all those who have a business, most even leave everything to chance and have only an idea of ​​what they want to do.

It is no wonder that over 90% fail in the first year and of those who manage to survive, they choose a strategy after the first year sign that they need organization.

Business development is the main reason in the list of objectives but without setting a smart goal, you will never really be prepared to take your business to the next level. It will be just one more reason to give up.

You must get used to developing working strategies from the first year and longer for five years and even ten years.

I do not know why, but very few are those who when they start a business, think about what they will do over the years and this is a sign that they do not have full confidence that they will pass the first year.

Setting smart goals can be a solution for personal life as well. Unfortunately for those who want a career working for someone else, things are somewhat limited and it is more efficient to use a simple list.

For those who decide they want to take their business to the next level and want to get an idea of the goal-setting process, I will continually explain the five steps that will turn the list of goals into a smart one.


Whether you set a profit or just a percentage increase, this is already a step forward for your business.

If the majority have in mind that in the first year to make a profit, setting a figure determines exactly a destination to reach.


Without a clear figure in mind, progress cannot be tracked. Even if in the first year comparison cannot be established, one can set goals to win the invested amount or even exceed or double this amount. Any amount that can indicate at any moment where we are is a positive thing and this is just the beginning. If we want a complex strategy, it can be achieved by following the whole activity.


By accurately naming goals, we will know what we are pursuing and what we must do to achieve them. Investment and acquisition strategies can be developed without letting us be led by the enthusiastic wave that pushes us to throw money whenever a problem arises. We have clear goals to reach and they will be achieved precisely because we choose to work professionally.


Setting a realistic goal will make it achievable. Stop with the wish list that remains only a dream. Now you can set realistic goals that will determine what actions are needed month by month to achieve them.

Nothing should be left to chance, it is your business and you must control the rhythm and set priorities. It is hard to believe that less than 10% have such a strategy in the first year and only 50% of them will work in the second year.


Setting goals within a specific time is essential and even necessary. Without putting pressure, you have to give yourself enough time to reach your goals. You can set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals and for each one you have well-defined strategies.

If you’re still wondering why it’s important for any business to set clear and real goals, you probably need to learn what it takes to be successful.

Anything can be learned and thanks to books written by successful people, we can avoid the most common mistakes. This article can also be read on the personal blog.

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