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The coaching business is considered by its creators, the simplest and fastest way to start a successful career.
The big problem is that most don’t know how to get started. The initial idea is important to have a vision of what awaits future coaches without fear of the unknown or failure.
The book “How to start a life coach career” will reveal to those who want to start such a business the important points to start in less than 30 days as a professional.

What you will find out on this book

Introduction – My point of view

Chapter One – Why Life Coach is needed

Chapter Two – 10 things you need to know at start

Chapter Three – What is not a Life Coach

Chapter Four – How to choose the coaching area

Chapter Five – How to set the price

Chapter Six – How to build sessions

Chapter Seven – Client Type

Chapter Eight – Change Matters

Chapter Nine – What to never do in coaching

The end – Conclusion

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start now a career in coaching

Imagine what it is like to buy a turnkey business, a franchise.
You know from the beginning, step by step what you have to do.


No need to invest tens of thousands!
No need to invest in a commercial space!
You can start part-time without giving up the job you have!

How to start a Life Coach Career