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What the Coach means?

For the start, future clients need to understand what coaching means to not get wrong expectations. Over the last ten years, this profession has been changed to the meaning of everyone who practices it. Changes are so many and complicated that no one knows exactly what a coach does and what a coach really means.

A good coach empathizes with clients on a human level. in a trusted relationship, the client will succeed with the support of the coach, to use own ideas for solving problems. To use own experience and potential to succeed on the goal. To use own genius to start a project and learn what need to know.

Thoughts and emotions control our lives and if we don’t control them, we can’t control our lives.¬† Everything is at mental level and all we have to do is train ourselves how to do this. A coach has no advice, no criticism, no influence.

When you choose a coach, both must resonate mental and emotional, for anything want to change or start in your life. Another important thing must to know, a good coach never offer consulting in the coaching session. If the situation require a field experience, the client will be inform and provide separate consulting session. Never mix it!

For more information you can read the blog articles or send me a message.

Chris Lazar

Life Coach

Coaching packages


10 sessions per month, 60 minutes per session.


20 sessions per month, 60 minutes per session.


30 sessions per month, 60 minutes per sessions

Currently I coach in 8 popular areas and if you are ready you can follow my system to find out which area is the priority for you right now.

This system is the same as coaching sessions, step by step, balanced and successful. It is important to prioritize and determine what it matters more.

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