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Self-education – A way of life

Definition of Selfeducation :

… the act or process of educating oneself by one’s own efforts especially through reading and informal study.

Self-education is the most powerful personal tool for success and balanced life.

A person who chooses to study, research or become intensely informed about one or more subjects, in the most personal way, will be a person who is personally educated.

Self-education is not related to the education system, cultural forms, family traditions or financial level.

Self-education is important for success because it helps you to think big like other successful people. It makes you think beyond limitations and this is the biggest reason why people succeed in life.

Most people are not comfortable thinking big because they believe it is impossible to achieve.

People have different reasons for studying and these differences determine the way of life and even the perception of things.

A narcissistic person will prefer a way of life where the study is rewarded with titles and diplomas without considering it necessary to learn what they like or what is or can be useful.

An emphatic person will choose the passive study that is useful to them and to those who help them without thinking about rewards.

Self-education has no time limits or subjects and can start from childhood thus contributing to the expansion of imagination and future passions.

It can become a way of life and thus, the brain is constantly stimulated to become a unique resource and truly a treasure.

A person who educates himself has many advantages, a high level of quality of life, balanced but passionate, a personal list of values and is ready at any time to provide valuable information.

Until recently, information means power. Now the personal data and the daily activity of each individual have become a real power. In the future self, education will be recognized as the most powerful and valuable resource. It has always been the secret of any success, but there will always be trends and charts that make the information sell.

Today’s changes are fast because of those who prefer an easy path to success and not a successful way of life. education

Those who are balanced will always keep their personal and unique note in what they do and will improve permanently without giving up simplicity.

When several people, relevant enough to become information, will choose the way of life of self-education, humanity will finally reach the ability to accept that man as an individual is unique and cannot be limited by patterns and controlled through collective education.

True professionals never stop studying and many devote their entire lives to discovering the latest information and improving the old ones.

Thus, regardless of inherent obstacles, they never think of giving up or changing something as radical as most do.

When these professionals decide to pass on their information, thus becoming teachers, everyone will benefit and education can be made personally and financially accessible.

The classical education system is not a guarantee for young people nor is it sufficient for a career, however, there are many who at the age of 40 choose to start a college or are even in second or third and consider it a solution for a better life.

I want to emphasize that a better life is the only reason why people choose to do college.
I have never heard of anyone making a college to be smarter or to stimulate potential.

But I have often heard phrases like: “you have to be smart to make a college” or “you have to learn a lot to get a chance at a college” or even “forget about fun or hobbies, you have to get to college for a good life”

Very sad how they are directed to forget their dreams following a dream of others that is not even realistic.

Self-education is now available to everyone regardless of country, culture or financial or family situation.

You only have to listen to the inner voice that will guide you to what really matters to you.
It is never late for someone to choose this way of life with all the benefits and of course a path to personal success.

If you want to start such a life but still do not know what to learn, a list of books to inspire you can find here.

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