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Promoters vs. Influencers

Although it seems like they do the same business, promoters and influencers, choose to do it is different and relates to the respect given to potential buyers.

A promoter reveals that he has a product, presents it in detail, has nothing to hide, and does it professionally.

An influencer will never tell you that he has something to sell, will not present you technical details, will not talk about the price, try to mask the fact that he wants to sell you something through a story, in 99% false or fictitious, will try to influence you to change your habits, tastes, to enlarge your needs list and all that without caressing how it affects you.

A promoter does this because he likes to promote products, he prepares very well, rarely offers negative examples about competing products and when he does it has strong arguments.

An influencer does this for money and only for money. He will try to convince you that he is sincere, that his stories are real, that he even uses those products or services, does not care about you except to find out where the niche fits you.

He will never be qualified to present those products, but he feels that his enthusiasm for that field is enough to influence you. His choices will always be better because he knows everything, he tries everything and dedicates his time so that you think him blind.

Those who choose to buy a professionally promoted product have personal reasons to do so and it is strictly his choice. He will decide when he wants to try something when he wants to change something and does not feel any pressure.

Those who are influenced, pay in most cases for giving up their personal choices. They will be considered to be easily influenced, will seem bizarre in the eyes of their friends because of their behavior, they will spend money on things that do not need, sometimes poor quality, they will accumulate debts, probably ill, because of food or health products, will wear weird clothes for the sake of a false fashion.

For some time, the influencer is forced by companies to announce that they are sellers of products and services, as this does not cost the buyer anything extra and only helps him to live the dream or as the case lives without starvation.

I’ve seen people who confuse leaders with influencers. A leader is part of the management department, it is similar to a manager or boss, only that he will always help his employee or client, work with him, unlike the manager or boss who will give directions and directives, will impose and not will mix with the rest of the employees.

Promoters often promote their own product or a product from which they have benefited directly so you will always know what you have to buy.

If you feel that you do not need a product, the simplest way to avoid falling into the trap is to not reading or watching that promotion. Emotion is the main factor on which a sale is based, so you have to pay attention to your emotions when shopping and especially what benefits it will bring.

I often see people complaining about not having enough money or accumulating debt because of unnecessary shopping. Naivety is the only aspect that needs attention and once this problem is resolved, your life will change for the better.

More about this topic I wrote in my book “How to buy smart” and I am sure you will find simple but effective solutions for family organizing and even financial education.

“The naive man is destroying the present, worrying about the future and crying in the future, remembering the past”

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Most frequent questions and answers

A promoter is an individual or organization that helps raise money for some type of investment activity. Promoters may raise money for a company by offering investment vehicles other than traditional stocks and bonds, such as limited partnerships and direct investment activities.

Social media “influencers” are those with accounts that drive traffic and sales to a product or service based on their recommendations. Their ability to influence stems from an apparent personal relationship with their followers and a sense of authority in their respective marketing spaces.

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