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Persuasion, bad for business

If Persuasion is needed in your business, you are on the wrong path.

Nothing is worse than wasting time convincing customers that they need your products or services.

There are many categories of clients and many leave the impression that they are undecided and must be convinced. The reality is that this kind of customer still does not trust you and don’t know the quality of your products or services.

They do not need persuasion, they need confidence. Most people hate being told what to do and what they need.

Somehow the false impression was created that people are lazy and do not want to decide for their lives. The truth is different. People are bored and somehow curious about what others choose.

Hence the interest of those who choose to make known their life, whether it is shopping or spending holidays.

Your products or services must be of quality to your customers and to escape the fear of being deceived. Along with quality, the products or services you offer must have demand. If people do not need in your life what you sell, it is wrong to convince them that they are wrong and you are right and they must buy.

If they do not need it at that time but it still seems like a good idea, they will want to gain confidence.

So instead of wasting your time, Persuasion potential customers who need what you sell, you can put in the effort to present the quality of the products or services.

The point of view of those who bought from you on the products or services and not the benefits they bring to their lives.

You have to understand that time is the most precious treasure, and people know exactly what to look for and what they need.

If you know that your products or services can really improve people’s lives all you have to do is focus on promotion and not on Persuasion.

There are marketing strategies that work, are simple and arouse curiosity. When the curiosity factor is reached, people are willing to give of their time for your products or services.

If you rely strictly on their promotion and have quality, the confidence factor will be reached. Only then will people be willing to listen to your stories and that is only when absolutely necessary.

To start a human connection directly, many qualities such as the art of communication, charisma, empathy are needed.

The main factor that people look for when they want to buy is quality. If the quality is good, only then will they be interested in the price and how they can buy it. The only way they want to remember you as a store or service provider will be when they want more and already have confidence because they bought more.

No need to convince anyone of anything. It is a losing battle from the beginning and it will consume your fear and unnecessary energy. Your care should be distributed for what you sell and how you sell. it is a much more direct path to success and this approach will make the difference between you and those who waste time trying to persuade, often wrong, that someone will buy something you don’t need.

People want to be convinced that you are a trustworthy person, that what you sell is trustworthy.

In no case, they want to be convinced that have to buy something they don’t need.

How we find out what people need is quite another story that is worth investing time. Sometimes it’s a trend, sometimes it’s a wish. It differs greatly in the categories in which you have your business. That is precisely why you must become an expert in the chosen area. This is another reason why you do not have to choose the path of persuasion. Time must be carefully distributed to something truly useful for the development of your business.

Anything can be learned and thanks to books written by successful people, we can avoid the most common mistakes. This article can also be read on the personal blog.

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