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negative emotions

Negative emotions can be controlled.

Positive and negative emotions are often uncontrolled and reactions become automatically spontaneous. If we cannot control the emotions nor the reactions and this can affect our image especially if we are in public.

Controlled emotions remain our intimacy and are the main reason why people prefer to be alone in delicate kisses being emotionally vulnerable.

Although they are aware that they cannot control their emotions, they never think to control them or even that they can be controlled.

Of course, exercise is needed, sometimes it is simple, sometimes it takes time, but never impossible.

Positive emotions are the part we want to express to others and we do not care if we are in public or the reaction of others. Negative emotions are the part we keep hidden and if it cannot be controlled it causes us to isolate ourselves.

The first step in controlling negative emotions is to realize that emotion is a natural part of existence. The decisions are always made according to the emotions we have and if we want wise choices we have to control the emotions.

The second step is finding the balance between reason and emotion. We cannot control what we do not understand, so we must give ourselves time to think. Even if we cannot analyze too much emotion, we can analyze the context in which it occurred.

Thus we can associate and anticipate what is causing our emotions and we will be able to control that situation by avoiding or facing it consciously.

Ignoring the situations we will continue to let go of the emotions without being able to make controlled choices.

If in the case of positive emotions we understand that the reaction of others does not interest us and anyway we want to expose ourselves to celebrate freely with other people, we must pay attention only to negative emotions.

The third step is to start the attention process to know the number of negative emotions in our lives.

The quality of life is the same as the quality of the emotions regardless of the status or lifestyle adopted. We are often surprised when we see rich sad people or happy poor people.

Ignoring emotions means that we relate to external and material things instead of focusing on the inner side that determines our reactions.

In the beginning, we will not be able to control emotions fully but useful training is the one in which we decide how long we are emotionally affected. At the same time, we can reduce the intensity by choosing activities that involve the physical.

The physical is controlled mentally conscious and unconscious 100%. When the brain does not communicate with the rest of the body we will have uncontrolled reactions and even accidents.

By massively involving the physicist, we will reduce the brain activity that is concentrated on the emotional level. It is best to consciously choose a physical activity to avoid aggression or frustration.

As in all cases, the practice will help us to become more and more master of our own emotions, so it must become a habit Practical habits will help us to have an active life but under control and decisions will weigh more and more to our advantage.

When we meet balanced but relaxed people we must take into account that it takes time to reach such stages. The final stage will be the challenge of remaining a good person who cares about positive or negative emotions.

Insensitivity can turn us into people seemingly devoid of emotions but who will consume us in the long run. Hypersensitivity is reached when emotions overwhelm us. Finding the balance between the two states is the practice that will be useful for the effective control of emotions, especially negative ones.

If you encounter difficulties in obtaining the results you must remember that you do not have to do everything by yourself and the help of a friend, life coach or in extreme cases, a psychologist, is a real help.

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