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Learning choice – The key to success

Until the first learning institution was created, people chose a wisdom person to advise them in their community. This person could observe and analyze all the important things to guide those in need. At that time age was an important factor and it is considered that only a person with many years can guide others through his experience. It was much easier to go to the wise whenever a problem arose and so everyone could see their work.

The truth is that for every field you need to learn and anyone who is still learning from childhood various trades. Some agriculture, others pottery. The brave learned how to hunt. But even so, there was a need for a leader to lead with the wisdom of life. In the last 20 years, the abundance of information allows us to learn about anything and even to have a studied opinion when we have a conversation. As things have evolved a lot, the roles have been reversed in the sense that, the young ones are much more suited to learning everything new, and the old ones to omit to learn how they will not be useful.

Every day the gap between those who learn daily and those who choose to stay in their comfort zone increases. There are still many who want to start an online business but are hit by problems that do not understand them and what you cannot understand, you cannot learn.

The key to understanding is the relationship between what we know and what we don’t know. The choice of the level of knowledge must be established and supplemented with the missing information. If the level of knowledge is zero, the basic must be learned.

Once this relationship is resolved, we must choose who provides the information. Often young people make choices in school that determine their life course because of the teaching method or books that are incomprehensible. Most will choose other areas considered inappropriate, without being aware that anything can be learned and only the method or the teacher should be changed.

The problem of schools is that they do not take into account the level of knowledge and the relation between what a student knows and what he does not know becomes superficial. The teacher routine makes be bored and worried only about doing a simple job without problems, to the monthly salary. The student, even if he does not realize the importance of the study for his future, tries to accumulate the information as they are transmitted and only luck causes him to resonate with that teacher.

Society ensures the freedom of choice of school, not that of teachers. In any school, it is extremely difficult to change the teacher and just raising this problem makes the world look at you as a person who does not integrate.
Fortunately, the future sounds good for self-education and the multitude of online courses is a sign that learning will have major changes in the next five years.

The basics must always be learned in simple steps because there is no connection between what we know and what we are going to learn. There will always be a fear of starting something new because there is nothing to link the knowledge we had with what we were to learn and no one wants to make a mistake. The only problem to be solved is the method by which a teacher chooses to provide this information so that the student resonates with his method.

The most important aspect when we want to learn is related to the method in which the information is provided to us. It’s called pedagogy and it’s the art of teaching. Without mastering this art is like offer information on the news, where the news will have no connection either with your life or with what you already know. The impact on you will be the same with a story that often does not even have the editorial talent.

When a teacher masters the art of teaching or at least wants to use this path, everything changes, the connection between student and teacher becomes personal, the interest in learning grows, and the results will be spectacular.

When you meet a person who manages to explain in your meaning or read a book that creates an impact in your life, it is about the art of transmitting information.
There will never be too many books on the same subject, or too many courses showing the same information because the connection between what we know and what we are going to learn must be established first.

This connection is often confused with gaining trust and establishing a socializing relationship, but the truth is, if the methodology is applied correctly to those who want to learn, the rest comes naturally. It will automatically create a solid relationship between student and teacher, or reader and author.

The advantage of self-education is that you will always choose for yourself what you need, the duration and the level, but especially the teachers and authors. The multitude of options should not scare you or make you confused, but only to find out which ones are right for you.

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