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How much happiness cost?

There are many states of happiness, some of them short, others last for a whole day. But how many have a happy life?

We like to classify billionaires, see what they buy and imagine they are happy. Why are not made rankings with people rich in happiness? What are the reasons that make them happy?

We only think of money, as many, as easy to obtain and very fast. In fact, money is the conclusion we have when we want: a house; a car or more; friendship company. We are told that we need to set high goals for which we must work hard for happiness to be great.

There are people who choose a simple life and prefer to just observe and sometimes envy those who manage to achieve these high goals. Others will fight, they will work hard but will not succeed. The truth is that very few are succeed to make a lot of money, and discover can’t buy their happiness.

But happiness is not bought, we only have this false impression, and those who choose a simple life do not really appreciate the happiness of their lives, believing that true happiness belongs to the riches.

True happiness. Why is it so called? Can happiness be false or simple? Of course not. Happiness is a state that fills us with life, bringing us smiles, joy. You can not pretend to be happy. Joy may be false, fun may be false, happiness can’t be simulated.

It’s the best thing we want in our lives and it’s accessible to everyone. If we can not find happiness in simple things, small things, who do not bring values. Happy people don’t want much money because will not need. We are unique, we can’t look at others and say we want what he has because that will not bring happiness to you.

Very few children are educated to seek happiness in simplicity and not in wealth. In people and not in objects. A big house brings comfort, not happiness. A beautiful woman attracted to you for money will bring you fun, not happiness.

A holiday in exotic places will bring you relaxation, not happiness. Interpreting wrong what happiness is, we first seek money and too late realizing the happiness it’s free.

Happiness comes when a sick man does feel the pain; when a child feels the love of his mother; when a loving couple cares each other and respect in self; when a parent heard the child’s laugh. Buying happiness is a false impression and we need to be aware of this. Otherwise, we will waste the only life we ​​have and disappointment, we will learn our lesson when it’s too late.

If you want a happy life, don’t think about money. The money is worthless. People give value to what they buy. You can bring joy to yourself and others, hope, fun, comfort, but happiness is not about money. Don’t need to push yourself and force for more. Can be happy with the life you have. It’s okay to want more but don’t do it for happiness because you will fall into the biggest trap.

I will not tell you how to be happy, or what makes me happy. There are no patterns in happiness to follow. I am sure that life will give you enough moments of happiness, just awareness of the moment and appreciate them.

It is said that if you maintain an expanding life, where creation is stimulated, the feeling of contentment often turns into moments of happiness. In order to stimulate creativity we must keep the brain active by accumulating new useful and positive information. I recommend some books that can change your life.

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