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Good days – Bad days

It is well known that every person has good days and bad days. The human being perceives everything in duality, for better and for worse, good or bad. Everything about duality is also about how one day is. The receiver is also dual: physical and mental.

The physical one is driven by the level of fatigue or rest, the quality and quantity of the food, the environment in which we live and work.
The mental one is driven by emotions, thoughts, plans and of course by the people we interact with.

The duality is found in what we choose: we leave ourselves affected or we are not affected. We have control over our own lives or we do not have.

There are no people without good or bad days, the only difference is the number of good and bad and our reaction to them.

If a day is good due to the physical condition, full of energy, we will choose to be well disposed, smile, even willing in effort and help. So the good physical condition will influence the mental state.

If our day starts well because of the mental, we will choose physical activities that have been postponed, we will take care of our image more and even force the physical over the ordinary norm.

If in the good days we do so, in the bad days we can act in the same way to improve our state until the stage of a normal and balanced day.

If the day is bad because of the physical, we need to treat the mind through activities meant to energize the physical. A quiet walk in nature, listening to music, reading a book or conversing on recreational topics. In a short time, almost without realizing it, our body will balance and even begin to emanate the energy needed to have a new day.

If a day starts badly due to mental state, the answer to finding balance can be found in physical activities, almost forced, to the extreme. A run in the park, general cleaning of the house, doubling the effort at work and even staying over schedule.

In both cases, the satisfaction of a good day will be sought by changing the routine but especially by raising awareness of our condition.

Often we can see people who are mentally affected and take refuge in prolonged physical activities or physically affected people who take refuge in mental activities.

Although they choose to react in such an unconscious way, the reason is to successfully pass a bad day or period and hide their problems from the rest of the people.

Awareness of choice can help us get through the bad days more easily and even use our physical or mental energy in an organized way and even plan what we will do in the good days and the bad days.

About the reasons for this duality that seems to accompany us throughout life, I can only say that it differs for each person and no one, even those with good financial status, is exempt from this duality.

Control of emotions and physical condition can be done through exercises and creating habits that are favorable and beneficial to our lives. It requires discipline and self-education, without forgetting the relaxation and celebration of each personal success that marks the stages of personal improvement.

Everything we do needs to be first for us without undermining the thought that we are selfish. Decisions made on bad days will affect the following days and when our decisions include other people we can affect relationships and even determine their status.

By taking care of our personal and controlling what belongs to us, we can make wise decisions and develop better relationships. It is never late to take life in our own hands and start caring for us to improve our lives in all aspects.

Any small thing done daily for us will contribute to the future and the qualitative leap of life from year to year will reflect our efforts and don’t forget to read some books.

Retrieved and edited article from personal blog.

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