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true motivation

Find the true motivation and nothing can stop you


What is true motivation?

True motivation means a personal desire that triggers the necessary emotion to train all the resources needed for the best purpose of succeeding.

Without the advice and without the possibility of being influenced, your personal and sincere desire will give birth the true motivation.

Life has ups and downs and it takes care to give all the right lessons to people, to have the opportunity to react.

Reacting is the simplest thing we can do. Whether it’s anger, sadness or love, the reaction will be emotional.

When we manage to control, especially strong emotions, we can do the most difficult thing. Initiate. Anyone can react but not everyone can initiate.

The reaction is a response that triggers the action caused by the emotion of the moment. To initiate is something profound that triggers the true motivation that tells you “it’s time to do something”

Major changes can happen in seconds. It can happen as a revelation or as a huge desire to do something with your life.

From that moment a fight will begin and only the real motivations will keep the fire to succeed in what you have set to do.

Motivation is part of our lives in the battles we carry with ourselves. Sometimes we reach the critical emotional point from which we see no exit and lose all motivation.

Not to find at least one reason, it means to lose the fight and giving up.

If you have arrived at that moment in life, you must surround yourself with motivated people. You have to remind yourself what the motivation and spirit of the initiative means.

The motivation can be trained and can be transmitted but there will be no true motivation. Self-motivation requires power and can only be used when you already have a balanced life and you can control your emotions.

For those who need to rediscover the motivation, I will recommend ten of the best motivational speakers.

Brené BrownSiri LindleyJoseph McClendon IIIMalala YousafzaiScott HarrisMark DivineSeth GodinCloé MadanesLes BrownNick Vujicic

It is the best solution for crises but also for situations when the fight is long with many obstacles.

If the motivation is lacking, nothing can help you and you will refuse any form of help even unconscious.

Once you discover the true motivation, no obstacle will be too difficult and any desire can be fulfilled.

Only when the level of motivation is 75%, help is accepted and often recommended.

Even the most powerful and motivated people do not choose the solitary way.

Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa) and Tenzin Gyatso (Dalai Lama) are by far the best examples that in life we must seek help from those who can offer it to us. On their way to world popularity, they had their obstacles. Tony Robbins was the one who provided guidance and support.

Coaching, for a long time, was the solution of the leaders and the wealthy who were seeking support for overcoming obstacles.

Today, many have changed and with the help of technology, you can find life coaches and even personal motivators with experience, ready to help you on your way to reaching your goal.

You must not forget that everything depends on you. No matter how experienced a coach will be, he can’t do wonders and can’t do things for you.

If you’ve never worked with a coach, you need to know what it means and how it can help you, so that you don’t misunderstand who you should turn to for your problems.

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