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about the project

About the project

About the project can say it was built in the summer of 2019, with a desire to make known, the power of self-education and the possibility to see the simple solutions as the most suitable to start and change everything in everyone’s life.

The power of master mind and emotions for a better life begins with the desire to make that change and then to find out the solution that today’s technology offer.

What others use for isolation and deception, this project wants to show you how to make this tools to work for you, to find and learn only the simple solution to improve your self for the achievement of proposed goals and realization of dreams.

Every project, every change, start with a few simple steps and you can use these steps to shape your future. No matter what you want to start, is need to go through all the stages, begins with the very first steps.

Only follow this path, everything can be possible, and that it’s all about on this project, to show and help anyone to start and continue whatever they want for their life.

About the Owner

A strong supporter of self-education, Chris Lazar decided to build this project to help more people with the experience and information he acquired over 23 years. Passionate about psychology; psychoanalysis; music, photo and web design, constantly learns and considers a lost day when don’t learn something new.

He discovered many years ago that what he learns can be useful to others and when he helps, it creates a unique sense of fulfillment and so he realized that he can help more people with less effort.

The simplicity and the simple solutions are difficult to obtain although this is what everyone wants, with a little guidance everything becomes possible. By learning every day, he gives himself the chance to become the best version of self and never plans to stop gathering the information that will share with anyone he needs, through this project.

“With this project no matter where you live, if you like to learn like I do, you are in the right place, and hope to always offer you the best and simplest solutions to help you on your way.”

Chris Lazar

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